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Seven Decades of Mountain Hospitality

The history of The Smith House goes back to 1895 when a gentleman by the name of Captain Hall purchased an acre of land east of the town square. During excavation and the beginning stages of building his home he was delighted to discover that a very rich vein of gold ore. His delight was soon turned to frustration when all attempts to setup a mining operation were halted by the city fathers. The city officials would not allow a mine just one block from the public square, no matter how rich the vein. After losing a law suit against the city he continued the construction ont his new home. Today the home known as The Smith House, still stands on that vein of Dahlonega gold. When the house was completed Captain Hall used the seven rooms upstairs for his living quarters. He used the basement, what is now the dining room, for storage of his mining equipment. The first floor was used as an assay office. The columned building beside the main house was Captain Hallís carriage house.

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The upper part served as a barn and the basement housed the livestock. Captain Hall moved to Atlanta. Henry and Bessie Smith purchased the property in 1922. The Smithís turned their home into an Inn with seven rooms for travelers. The price of a room and meals was $1.50 a day. And so the tradition of The Smith House had its beginning. Now owned by the Welch family, who has operated the dining room since 1946 and continues into its third generation, The Smith House holds true to its heritage with many of the original recipes and ambience still intact. In February 2006 the original gold shaft was rediscovered during renovation and can be viewed along with many artifacts that were recovered.