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"For a Yankee who thinks that southern vegetables are born in a can and bred in a steam table, this food is revelatory."
          The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"Many more crowd The Smith House in Dahlonega, where conversations around the tables goes something like this: Pass the fried chicken, pass the okra, pass the turnip greens, pass the biscuits please."
         Southern Living Magazine


"A gracious old inn with no reservations, no menus, and communal tables. Folks drive the 70 miles north from Atlanta for warm cornbread, cracklin' fried chicken, creamed corn, and cobblers."
          Travel & Leisure Magazine


"Ask people in other parts of the country if they've ever heard of Dahlonega, Georgia,and chances are good the reply will be, oh yes, that's where The Smith House is located, isn't it?"
           North Georgia Journal


"This is a dining experience you won't forget!"
            Mountain Pilot Magazine


"What an elbow-to-elbow celebration of good food!"
            The Denver Post


"The basic act of eating is turned into a party, with everybody passing platters back and forth, chattering happilyabout the unbelievably delicious food."
           The Buffalo News


"Regular visitors know and first-timers quickly learn that the place to eat is The Smith House, where meals are served family style."
           The Gazette, Montreal