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Thanksgiving Day

imagesCome and feast with us on Thanksgiving day November 23, 2017! We will be serving our all you can eat family style including turkey and dressing. We do not accept reservations for any group size.  First come seating only. Our first seating is at 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Bring the whole family for a traditional meal on our family style tables.


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Holiday's at The Smith House

santa clauseHo! Ho! Ho! Santa loves eating his veggies and Fried Chicken at The Smith House. He surprises us most every weekend after leaving the town square after visiting with his friends. Click here for December Restaurant Hours.

Happy New Year! Buy your button for the festivities happening on the town square of Dahlonega. Come early for a dinner at The Smith House to have your fill of collard greens and black-eyed peas. Click here for a hours and menu

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captinHall1In our 1899 historic inn, villas on the town square of Dahlonega, or our cottages?

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Give the gift of a stay in our historic inn, meals in our famous restaurant serving since 1922, or purchases in our gift store. Increments starting at $25-$500. Purchase online

IMG_6981 For a limited time, Squash Relish is available for sale. Shop in store or order online  to be shipped while supplies last.  Purchase online

The Smith House Historic Inn and Restaurant

Located in the quaint Appalachian town of Dahlonega, Georgia, has had its doors opened to  visitors since 1899.  One thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of Southern Hospitality around here.  Come sit back  and enjoy our home-cooked country cooking in the family-style dining area and you’ll see what we’re talking  about.  Or come kick back for a weekend in one of our comfortable yet luxurious rooms and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Dahlonega.  Take a hike.  Ride a bike.  Take a vineyard tour.  Shop around in the unique shops of our quaint town, which is located just one block from our doorstep.  Come see what our little town has to offer.  We’re sure you’ll have a great time!

The Smith House Mine Shaft

The mine shaft was discovered when the current owners were doing a major renovation project. During construction of the old dining room a new addition, workers found a large size round hold and shaft under a concrete slab they were removing. After removing the debris from the shaft, they discovered discarded contents of the house from days past. Cleaning out the shaft many feet-to their surprise they found the famous gold vein in the side wall of the shaft. The original shaft is for the public to view in the basement of the house.

Smith House Family Style Meal

Bessie Smith started the farm style tables serving Fried Chicken she soaked in buttermilk and fried on her wood stove. She brought many signature dished to our tables that we still to this day prepare the same way but in a modern era. Our buttermilk fried chicken is world famous and been serving this way since 1922. The Welch family has owned and operated the restaurant since 1946 with serving all the traditional dishes and adding their own. Click here for a copy of our daily menu and hours.

Frank W Hall Register

The date is 1892, and Dahlonega has grown into a thriving community as a result of a major gold rush that began back in 1828. Col. Hall was brought to Dahlonega as an engineer for Consolidated Gold Mines where he found quick success eventually purchasing the company and amassing tremendous wealth. Col. Hall invested in other businesses including a mercantile store on the Dahlonega square. National Cash Register was commissioned by Col. Hall to produce a custom, nickel plated cash register that would be used in his mercantile store.  It certainly was not a typical NCR cash register. Col. Hall built a beautiful home for his wife Esther now known as the famous “Smith House Restaurant and Inn.”  Esther sold their home and all of his businesses in Dahlonega including the mercantile store after Col Hall’s death in 1901 where the beautiful custom nickel plated cash register resided. The Parks family generously donated this beautiful piece of history to Freddy, current owner of The Smith House, under the condition that the cash register would be restored and displayed at the original home of Col. Frank. W. Hall for all to enjoy. In 2016, true to his word, Freddy had the NCR cash register restored to its original form by the HBAC Group which is located in New York City. Once the restoration process was completed, it returned to its home in Dahlonega where it is now completely functional and preserved as a piece of Dahlonega history. The register is now displayed in The Smith House Museum.